Government Funded Gambling Clinic Opens In Britain

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As the world of casino gambling grows globally, safeguards must be put in place to ensure that there is help for problem gamblers. One of those safeguards is setting up clinics where these gamblers can get help.

Britain has just opened their first government run problem gambling clinic. It has opened under the direction of the National Health Service on Tuesday.

The clinic will be available to all problem gamblers, which in Britain is less than one percent of the countries population. The 0.6 equates to around 360,000 people who are problem gamblers in the country.

A recent study indicated that most problem gamblers have other psychological issues that they have dealt with in the past. whether it is alcohol or drug addiction, anxiety, or low self esteem, the problem gambling does not usually come all alone to these people.

The clinic in Britain will be using cognitive behavioral therapy combined with motivational interviews. The clinic will be open on a twelve month trial basis to start, with hopes of expanding after that year.

Iowa Casino Prospering While Others In The Country Struggle

The casino industry in the United States is not where business owners want to find themselves these days. When casinos in Las Vegas are struggling, one can only imagine the state that other casinos around the country are in.

While most casinos have seen a significant drop off in revenue over the past several months, one casino in Iowa is prospering. Dubuque Greyhound Park in Iowa has exceeded financial expectations.

The casino has made $2.4 million more than they expected so far this year. Considering that there is still over a month left in the year, the numbers have come as a welcomed surprise for the owners of the casino.

Many believe that the increase in business comes from the fact that smoking is still is allowed at casinos. In other indoor public areas smoking has been banned. In addition to the smoking end, several people actually believe the economy has driven the rise on revenue.

“When people are backed into a corner, they usually come out fighting. Their defense against the current economy is to try and win money gambling at the casino to make up for the money they may be losing at their jobs,” said Fran Briscoll, a clinical psychologist.

Whatever the reason may be, the casino is not complaining. They are more than happy that at a time when other casinos are going out of business, theirs has actually increased.

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