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Your goal should be to grind out a profit over the course of the season while enjoying watching football. Football betting should never be viewed in terms of “Getting Rich Quick.”

Successful football betting requires hard work & homework.

Make betting decisions based on team emotion & situation, current angles & relevant trends, and talent & coaching.

Be smarter than the public. If 90% of the public says one team is a lock this week, the other team is probably the side to PLAY (especially in Pro Football). The average gambler cannot beat the sports book. If they could, there would be no sportsbooks.

Don’t bet with your heart and your emotions.

Start with a bankroll that you are comfortable with. Set an amount that, if you lose some or all, it will not affect your standard of living.

Set a dollar amount to a per unit amount, for example: 1 unit = $100.00. Never bet over 4-6% of your bankroll on a single wager.

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Do not increase wagers during losing streaks.

Do not be conservative during winning streaks.

Establish a line of your own on every college and pro game that you feel comfortable with. Then compare to the posted betting line at one of the best sports books. Throw out any emotional games. Then study the ones that are significantly different from the posted odds – these have the best chance of being your winners.

More Free Betting Tips

Tip #1: If a team has scored 20 points or less in each of its last three games, they are likely to cover the spread in the fourth.

Tip #2: If a team has scored over 90 points in the last three games, they may let down in the fourth. Since the line will likely be too high, they may not beat the spread, even if they win the game.

Tip #3: If a team is two or more games ahead in their division, they may tend to become overconfident. Or a coach may want to rest key players.

Tip #4: After a big win in which an opponent was thoroughly whipped, a team may let down a bit. They may win the game, but not beat the spread.

Tip #5: After an embarrassing loss, assuming it is the first one of the season, expect a team to come back and beat the spread, if not win the game. This is particularly true if they were shut out.

Tip #6: If two teams played earlier in the season and the score was close, the loser of the first game is likely to win this one. However, if one team whipped the other, they are likely to win again.

Tip #7: When all else fails, take the underdog. Favorites tend to be overplayed. So when you see nothing better to do, take the underdog and the points.

Tip #8: If you are betting for real on individual games and want to take the favorite, do so early in the week. If the line changes, the chances are good that it will be because of more bucks coming in on the favorite. And conversely; if you want to take the underdog, do so later in the week; the favorite may have been considerably overplayed by then.

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