Florida Chief Financial Officer Speaks Out In Favor Of Gambling

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Casino gambling is no longer an idea for the future around the United States. It has become the major component in trying to fix many of these states’ budget problems. In Florida, their Chief Financial Officer believes it is time for his state to do the same.

The state of Florida, which tends to do things a little backwards once in a while, has casino gambling in the state. They have various pari-mutuel and Indian casinos in the state. The problem is they are not receiving any money from the Seminole casinos in the state.

Governor Charlie Crist tried to alleviate that problem late last year when he signed a compact with the Seminoles that would include revenue sharing by the Seminoles to the state. Legislators, however, had their feelings hurt that they were not involved in the decision process and have had the compact voided.

That void has not stopped the Seminoles from offering the expanded gambling options they were promised, mainly, blackjack, baccarat, and Vegas style slots. Florida’s CFO, Alex Sink, is now saying that these politicians need to check their egos at the door and come around to reality.

“Ideology aside, we have gambling in Florida. So we may as well take advantage of any opportunity we have to get our fair share of the revenue out of it,” said Sink. Basically, it was a shot at the selfish politicians who are holding up a deal with the Seminole Indians.

Legislators have begun to renegotiate the compact that was signed last year. The end result will most likely be similar to the one that was signed last year, only it will have cost the state millions of dollars in lost revenue for 2008.

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